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Vostok Reef

VostokReef white.png

Location South Pacific
Length 4900m
Altitude Unknown
Track Material Unknown

Vostok Reef is an underwater race track located in the South Pacific. The track made its sole appearance in Wipeout Pulse as downloadable content.


Vostok Reef can be very simple at places and downright evil at others. The White Run, raced anti-clockwise, does feature a bunch of very sharp corners, but they're quite easy to substain. The Black Run, raced clockwise, is 200m circa longer than the White Run and is a lot harder, and at halfway part, there are broken roads on which the player has to jump over them in sequence while doing a long and fast corner. Mastering this racetrack in Phantom class is one of the biggest accomplishments in Pulse.

Wipeout Pulse[]

White Run[]

15 centimetres of reinforced pro-glass keep the water out of Vostok Reef's 4.9 kilometre length, while the powder-fresh spiral tunnel and docking stations highlight the continual twists and turns of this coolly detached circuit.

Black Run[]

The construction of this unique underwater seaport prompted the Vostok Island committee to create a new five and a half kilometre circuit under the sea, which highlights the whaleships and mining community central to Vostok Reef


  • This is the only track in the series to be completely set underwater. Other tracks, such as Vineta K and Mandrashee, have certain section of their tracks underwater.
  • Judging by the in-game description, Vostok Reef is located in the vicinity of Vostok Island, which once hosted AG racing during the F5000 League.