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Vohl Square

Location Russia
  1. 8.61 km
  2. 14.63 km
  3. 16.18 km
  1. 262 m
  2. 320 m
  3. 460 m
Track Material Unknown

Vohl Square is a race track, with three different variations, located in Moscow, Russia. The course made its first appearance in Wipeout Fusion before returning in holographic form in Wipeout Pure as part of the downloadable Classic League 2, where the medium reverse variant was reused.


Built on some of the most polluted and toxic regions in the world, Vohl Square passes the famous chemical vats of the Swollen Cossack brewery which exude clouds of choking gas, and the ageing generators owned by Sevvek Power, which sporadically short circuit in damp weather, threatening the lives of pilots and spectators alike. Vohl Square is the favoured circuit of Omarr Khumala of Tigron Enterprises, who says, "How they worship me when I take to that stinking grey circuit! As I wipe the grime from my visor, I realise no one else loves me like they do in Moscow. What a city."



Short Course[]

From the get go, you see that Vohl Square is a really technical track. Winding its way through Vohl Square, this track darts from left to right quite quickly; and the fact that the track is quite narrow means its hard to clear cleanly.


Medium Course[]

This track is both easier and more fun in comparison to the other two variations. This course races around the Speed-Ring Perimeter (an AG ring road), meaning you can reach higher speed on this course, can navigate the mid-speed corners with relative ease, and those jump can be a lot of fun.


Long Course[]

This course veers off the main track into an open aqueduct section, which characterizes this course. Although it seems like an open area to gun it, some parts of the underpasses are blocked, so you need to know which parts are block to race cleanly. Afterwards, the track splits in two as it winds its way through the underbelly of the Swolllen Cossack brewery which also has both tracks crossover (a collision with an opposing craft is unlikely, though). Care must be taken with all outdoor sections.


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  • This is the only track in the game that has two Figure-8 course layouts.