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Location Makana
Length 4860 m
Variation 185 m
Track Material Unknown

Ubermall is a race track located on the man-made Hawaiian island of Makana. It was first introduced in Wipeout Pure as part of the Gamma Packs, and reappeared in Wipeout HD as a stock track.


If you thought Citta Nuova was hard, Ubermall is just as bad at times. A technical circuit with corners in places you'd least expect them. This course needs to be taken quite carefully, as it's easy to get stuck on an apex when the track can just disappear from in front of you.


Silverhead Wing[]

Silverhead Wing is the pit straight of the Ubermall track. Adorned in Richochet animated posters, the straight is notable for being on the peak of a small hill where you could get some serious speed if you well co-ordinate your speed boost and barrel rolls.

Vault Square[]

Vault Square is the small parkland at the entrance of the Ubermall center. This can be seen as the easiest corner of the track, but be wary of your track position as a split section is coming up.

Barterhall Center[]

The Barterhall Center is the main building of the Ubermall complex and the most complex section of the track. First is a sharp split, which requires a good rhythm, then a narrow "hill" where it is easy to get air (and as a result, speed). But be careful, after the hill there is a really tight right-left chicane which can really mess up your run. It's this section that makes Ubermall harder than it seems. If you are fortunate enough to get a turbo before you reach the Barterhall Center, though, you can bypass the chicane by using the turbo just before the crest of the hill. Be cautious though, as you may miss the track entirely if you're not positioned correctly. Also, barrel rolls are risky when doing this maneuver.

Note that in Wipeout Pure, you are totally blind to the Baterhall split thanks to excess lighting, which only darkens to acceptable levels once you're already entering the split.



  • It could be possible that the actual name of the track is "Übermall". You can clearly see it at Vault Center just over the enter to Barterhall Center.
  • In the Wipeout Omega Collection, the 2nd Skin Panda Head statue does not face the other direction when racing in a reversed section.