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Triakis Industries are an Anti-Gravity racing team based in Australia. They are the racing team representing a multinational arms-manufacturing conglomerate of the same name. Because of this, their craft are among the most durable of every League they have participated in, with outstanding shields.


Triakis Industries was formed in 2132 as a result of a merger of three smaller arms companies: Advanced Targeting Systems Ltd., Kramer Ordnance, and Incendiary Projectile Supplies Inc. Because of such diversity, the potential to create an AG racing team wasn't far from the minds of company directors. However, that wasn't possible during the early years of the Triakis company.

Throughout the mid-22nd century, Triakis became a world leader in military hardware manufacturing, producing military-grade weapons to the various national defense forces, as observed especially during the armed conflicts that concurred with the great depression of the 2170s. When most of these conflicts ended in the 2180s, the company switched its focus to global civilian reconstruction projects, but these were slowly declining because of the low demand for its hardware.

The rise of amateur AG racing gave Triakis an area to supply its hardware without the need of a major conflict. However, the desire to see a Triakis craft on the track led the company to lobby the FX150 League Commission to allow for a factory team in the FX150 events. Not done with the FX150, Triakis would also proceed to take part in pressuring the Commission to establish a professional competition, resulting in the announcement of the FX300 League. Triakis entered the league with a sleek and heavily-shielded triple-hulled craft inspired by their recent grav-tank designs.

Things were looking good for Triakis in the early years of the FX300 League, being the one in the front in many races and winning several of them ahead of the competition at the time, thanks also to their craft's incredible top speed. This became increasingly obvious when the team won the 2206 Championship title. Unfortunately, much to their dismay, they were later disqualified for using a sophisticated reverse-inertia deceleration system, which made their craft able to go through corners more quickly than all others.

Willing to get over that controversy and prove they still belong in AG racing, Triakis chose to compete in the FX350 and FX400 Racing Leagues, sporting a green camouflage-based livery in place of the grey from the days of the FX300. A welcome improvement was the increased handling of their new craft thanks to their newfound partnership with Assegai in exchange for their shield technology. This would see the Triakis team hopefully regain not only their place in AG racing, but also their much-desired respect from the fans, at the front of the pack.

FX300 Background[]

A global multinational trading in the arms sector, Triakis' entry into the FX300 League is no great surprise. What better way to promote the company wares during an era of peace than to showcase them on the pyrotechnically enhanced stage of anti-gravity racing?

Expect Triakis racing craft to be almost indestructible on track – although data from the team's test days indicates that such heavy armour comes at the price of speed and agility.

FX400 Background[]

Triakis, keen to put the controversy of the 2206 season behind them, will compete with an evolution of their FX350 spec craft in their upcoming FX400 League campaign.

Without the reverse-inertia deceleration system – deemed illegal by the AG Racing Commission – the ship looked to be more of a handful than its FX300 counterpart during pre-season testing, although it sported good top end speed, eventually.

Fortunately Triakis' strength remains their advanced polymer shielding, which will play an important role now that the team are mid-pack runners in terms of agility and acceleration.

FX400 Message[]

Statement issued by Triakis Regional Headquarters, Adelaide, Australia

In banning our patented deceleration system and stripping us of the 2206 FX300 League Championship, the AGRC have only strengthened the resolve of the whole Triakis organisation to rise to the top of AG competition once more.

In this, the tenth anniversary of the Triakis AG-Racing project, we intend to put the controversy of the past year behind us and focus intensely on competition in the FX350 and FX400 League events.

We have speed, we have strength, and we have determination. We are Triakis.

Appearance, Evolution and Stats[]

In every League the Triakis team have participated in, their ships are the most durable ones on the grid, as well as one of the faster ones. However, such a heavy shielding comes at the cost of thrust and handling, which translates to the Triakis ships being one suited for the more skilled pilots. Sideshifts and airbrakes need to be exercised regularly to keep the ship going, particularly on the more technical tracks. Even along more straight paths, avoiding weapons is the key; durability isn't the issue, but rather recovering from weapon impact, due to the ship's weak thrust force. These problems aside, pilots can race assured while on open circuits thanks to the high top speed.

The Triakis ship model appears to be more of a triple hull design, more or less resembling trident prongs, only with the middle tine being shorter. This is probably because of its extended pilot hull. The ship models from Pure to HD are actually quite similar.

The Triakis ship in Pulse and HD does not differ much from the one in Pure, in regards to design and stats alike. The weak thrust is still the main issue, and even for the skilled pilots, this will often be the reason it falls short in races with weapons enabled. However, its speed and durability makes it reliable enough to be worth using, and can prove very menacing once it catches up its fast-accelerating competitors. The Triakis Fury ship has the most significant performance enhancement compared to the other teams, having the thrust and handling increased, as well as a small shot for the speed.



  • "Triakis" is a genus of houndshark in the family Triakidae (Leopard Shark).
    • The name of the company could be broken down into the "TRI" from the merger of three weapons manufacturers, the "AKI" from the first letters of the three aforementioned companies, and the single letter "S" at the end for the purpose of forming a better proper name.
  • Triakis, especially in Wipeout Pure, seems to share some similarities with Xios in Wipeout Fusion in a few ways:
    • Both were originally weapons manufacturers.
    • They both use high-performance craft with a triple-hull design, high top speed and superior shielding – as for the triple-hull design, the only Xios chassis with such a design was the SMF-X IV.
    • They both are regarded as one of the top teams in their respective eras, with a number of race wins and championship titles.
  • Triakis are one of the few teams that use triple-hulled ship design.
  • Triakis may have provided weapons and munitions to all competing teams in the FX150 League and, arguably, the FX-era leagues.
  • Despite the team being a weapons manufacturer with the strongest shielding of any craft competing, it is heavily hinted that they are dedicated to racing professionally, as opposed to the violent tendencies of Goteki 45 in the F7200 and Tigron.
  • Triakis is a subtle reference to the Brabham Formula One racing team, as both have a heavy Australian background (the Brabham team itself is British, yet its founder, Jack Brabham, was Australian), and were known for using controversial vehicles that have won races (Brabham used a race car nicknamed the "fan car").
  • The reverse-inertia deceleration system mentioned above actually refers to a bug in Wipeout Pure, where the parameter controlling the rate of deceleration for the Triakis ship is slower than every other ship in the game, despite the ship's weight. This is also the reason why most players used Triakis in Pure.


  1. The official Wipeout Pure website lists Triakis' country of origin as "Multinational" because the team's background was indeed a multinational weapons manufacturer. In fact, Triakis was not given a proper country of origin until Wipeout Pulse.