The Amphiseum


LocationUnited States
Length6000 m
Track MaterialGlass, Mag-Strip

The Amphiseum is a race track located just outside Las Vegas, in the United States. It was first introduced in Wipeout Pulse, and also appeared as part of the Wipeout HD Fury expansion pack.


The natural extension of Las Vegas, The Amphiseum was buit for entertainment and the AG track that winds its way around this hub sure doesn't disappoint. Weaving around colossal stadia and iconic monoliths, it winds it's way through tight hairpins, a mag-strip hill then a sheer drop back to the finish line. It's also notable for having a split track, depending on which direction you're racing in.

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

Over 5.4 kilometres, The Amphiseum's glass floor leads into the U-turn separated spectator runs, and the mag hill, then curving long and right before the spectacular return down to the grid. This is entertainment.

Black RunEdit

The natural extension of Las Vegas, The Amphiseum is a city built purely for entertainment. This immodest circuit runs for 6 clicks and contrasts the searchlights and towers of another busy night with the thrall of the masses. It never looked better.


Quantic ShiftEdit

This spectacular stadium is the start of the track. The exitement from this section is different depending on the direction of race. Backwards, you go sraight down-then-up in a mag-strip dip; forwards, you're set for a approx. 15m drop from the highest point on the track. This is the biggest drop in Wipeout Pulse.

Quadriga RushEdit

The second of The Amphiseum's stadia, and located on a memorable piece of track. This is one of the few 180 degree hairpins seen in AG racing history. You could even see your opponents on the opposite side. Good timing and side-shifting skills is key.