Temtesh Bay

Location Australia
  1. 10.64 km
  2. 14.88 km
  3. 19.98 km
  1. 945 m
  2. 945 m
  3. 1367 m
Track Material Unknown
"Oh my God, this course is horrible!"
– Charlie Emery (Hellfire_WZ), commenting on Temtesh Bay 2 in Wipeout - Circuits From Hell

Temtesh Bay is a race track, with three different variations, located within a mine in central Australia. The course made its sole appearance in Wipeout Fusion. It is also notable for the scene of the 2164 Temtesh Bay disaster (see below).


With its fast straights and smooth bends, the inner circuit at Temtesh Bay is one of the League's simplest tracks; however, the two extensions which form the whole circuit add the fiendish curves of Beehive Rock and the confined mining tunnels recently vacated by ShellTec Extraction. Bruce Bloomer, the charismatic business tycoon who masterminded the track's construction, runs the circuit with a populist touch; "Remember folks, it's HALF PRICE before 10am, with a free lollipop for the kids and a flaggon of foaming ale for pa in 'The Convict's Welcome'. Plus, it's FREE to pensioners who buy their daily provisions from Bloomer's Bring And Buy convenience stores. Just tell 'em Bruce sent ya!"



Short CourseEdit

Fairly easy, albeit with some tighter corners, this course works around the main hub of the Temtesh Bay mines. You start to notice that is is a narrower track compared to the likes of Mandrashee and others, so airbraking and some accel-off may be vital here.


Medium CourseEdit

By far, this is one of the most loathed courses in the game, and for good reason. This track winds though the old mining tunnels that make up the upper most part of the circuit. Whilst the darker interior, two simultaneous tracks and two open sections may be tricky, the most annoying aspect are the bulkheads which DO NOT OPEN until you are VIRTUALLY ON TOP OF IT. Therefore, it is quite difficult to accurately gauge the corners after these bulkheads.


Long CourseEdit

Winding its way around Beehive Rock, this is a tight and windy course. There are a few jumps you must navigate, as well as an open section littered with boulders. Extra caution is needed here.


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2164 Temtesh Bay DisasterEdit

R woP009 h10

One of the ships caught in the collapse of the Temtesh Bay mines

On the first lap of the Temtesh Bay round of the 2164 season, the mine section of the medium course collapsed, causing the deaths of six pilots and entombing others for several days. Three pilots would later withdraw as a result. The alleged cause of the disaster was the use of high-powered missiles that had recently passed the F9000 approval (It's a possibility that a development of the Super Missile may have been the cause).