Tech De Ra


LocationUnited States
Length5000 m
Track MaterialPlas-metal

Tech De Ra is a race track located in Arizona, in the United States. The track was first introduced in Wipeout Pulse, and also appeared as part of the Wipeout HD Fury expansion pack.


Originally a hydroponic farm, able to grow plants without the use of soil, Tech De Ra had been converted into a solar energy plant before the presence of AG racing. Compared to other tracks, this is a relatively simple track with some tighter corners to break the routine.

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

Cool air and water are at a premium in the science principality of solar power specialists Tech De Ra in the last refuge of the great American desert. Power through 5 clicks around the brittle canyons and ravines of this one-time hydroponic farm.

Black RunEdit

As the solar panels power the spectators' coolsuits under the baking midday sun, the 5 kilometre plas-metal circuit arcs lazily through the canyons of Arizona. All that remains outside the Tech De Ra complex is rust, dust and the race.


Geo Asis/Bio AsisEdit

These two geodomes are whats remaining from the former hydroponic farms located at Tech De Ra. However, these structures are a wonder to see as pilots spiralling around the Geo Asis and blast past the Bio Asis

Amberzen SpineEdit

Pilots blitz under this natural bridge in what may seem to be the easiest section of the course: a long, shallow right bend. However, this section is unguarded, so be too careless and you might see yourself flying off into a canyon wall.

Vikaram ArkEdit

The last corner of the course. After sweeping past the long, tightening right corner, under the Amberzen Spine, you come across an reverse, tight left corner. You would really need to concentrate on the lead-up to this corner to prevent any wall collisions.