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Sveta Kirovski (Russian: Света Кировски, born 2134) was a pilot for Tigron during the F9000 League. Despite constant denials, it's suggested that she is, in fact, a transexual.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Sveta Kirovski has a muscular build ideally suited to the heavy Tigron craft, though according to muck-raking journalist Jonk Skalinkalott, this is because she was originally a boy called Ivan from a family of Siberian salt miners. Kirovski strenuously denies these allegations. This season, she has committed herself to at least winning the Vohl Square race, as she is deeply jealous of Omarr Khumala's popularity on what is her much-loved home circuit.


  • Sveta has the number 666 in her pilot ID. 666 is believed to be the Number of the Beast, as described in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelations. In addition, the Piranha P.666 v.Prototype and the Tigron BULL-666 racing ships also have 666 in their names.