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The Stealth, also known as the F/A-37 Talon, is a demo ship in Wipeout Pure. It is only available with the demo version on the Stealth UMD movie. As an exclusive content for promotional purposes, this cannot normally be used in the full game.


New to the race, but veterans of speed. The AG-modified, FA-37 Talon stealth-fighter is brought to you by Stealth. Fear the track!


Not much is known about this craft, due to the fact that it is very rare and cannot be used in the actual game (only in a game demo included with the Stealth UMD). However, the specifications show that it is a fast craft with somewhat average handling, but it takes a while to accelerate, and its shields are pretty weak. This intriguingly makes it similar to the Auricom, only with a much weaker shielding.


  • Despite not being normally available in the full game, this ship can be extracted from the Demo and put into the full game as an add-on similar to DLC by modding into the game files.
    • The demo itself is now available from archive.org.
    • For information on how to perform this, see this WipEoutZone post.
    • In order to be able to use this ship in the full game, signature checks need to be disabled with use of cwcheat on a CFW-modded PlayStation Portable or the PPSSPP emulator, which also allows DLC content from other regions to be used in the full game, regardless of regional version.