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Sebenco Climb

Sebenco Climb.png

Location Makana
Length 4813 m
Variation 474 m
Track Material Unknown

Sebenco Cl​imb is a race track located on the man-made Hawaiian island of Makana. It was first introduced in Wipeout Pure, and reappeared in Wipeout HD.


Situated on the sloped of Mount Sebenco, Sebenco Climb winds its way up the narrow and winding Austen Pass before a steep plunge into a man-made tunnel at the bottom of the circuit. Because of the overall difficulty to complete the track cleanly, it is a well-loathed track.


Austen Pass[]

The first section of the track winds its way through Austen Gap. Serious air-braking and side-shifting is needed to maintain your position on the track as it is really easy to slow down here, either by hitting walls or hit by weapons. The Hello Lucki cat looks down from near the peak.

Ampast Farm[]

This wind farm situated near the peak of Mount Sebenco signifies the end of the technical half of the track, and the start of the straight downhill which follows. On the bright side, you can get a lot of speed if you manoeuvre your craft well enough.

Weissner Cut[]

At the end of the downhill straight comes the infamous Weissner Cut. Notorious amongst the most experienced of pilots, this hairpin has the potential to flip crafts over. The fact that the tunnel itself may be unsafe, due to the cost of excavation at this altitude, doesn't help.