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The Puma 1 and the WIRE05 are ships featured in Wipeout Pure. Each of them is available in separate packs released for separate regions, namely the Delta Pack (Puma 1; EU) and the WIRE05 Promotional Pack (WIRE05; JP).


Puma 1[]

PUMA, the legendary sports company bring their special brand to the AG racing scene.


WIRE05 craft.


This craft is a very agile craft with a good top speed to match. While its shielding and thrust are fairly average, this doesn't detract from what really is something special. If you can put up with the weak thrust, this craft easily ranks high alongside Zone and MediEvil for the ease of use. A great bridge into the faster craft.


  • Compared to all other promotional bonus ships, the Puma 1 and the WIRE05 share the chassis and stats.