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The Patriot is a ship featured in the SOCOM Fireteam Bravo secret pack downloadable from the North American website for Wipeout Pure.


When diplomacy has been exhausted, special operations sends in the big guns. SOCOM's Patriot delivers swift and decisive resolution to any conflict.


The SOCOM Patriot is an exclusive craft inspired by the "SOCOM: US Navy SEALs - Fireteam Bravo" PlayStation Portable game, and it does share the chassis and running gear with the other SOCOM craft. What is evident with this craft's performance, is that it is a very fast craft with great handling, but also average acceleration and shielding. Because of its speed and handling, it makes the craft pretty easy to get used to, just like the Zone and MediEvil craft. This craft is effectively the US version's counterpart to the Puma 1 and WIRE05 craft, only with one less point to the handling.