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How to Unlock

Modify the Tigron BULL-666 to 75% completion

Omarr Khumala (born 2131) was the first pilot for Tigron during the F9000 League.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Omarr Khumala was signed by Tigron, just as the team was perfecting its famous "Bull" craft design. Committed to an aggressive racing style, Khumala has long had a habit of "making his presence felt" during races, and when team and pilot came together, it was a match made in heaven. Khumala narrowly missed out on the world championship last season thanks to the whinging Natasha Belmondo. He is very much looking forward to avenging his defeat this time round.


  • Despite his aggression on the track, Khumala somehow has a softer side to his personality. According to one news report (asking him about allegations of a pay increase for eliminations), he wasn't available for comment as he was said by Mrs. Khumala to be visiting the local dogs' home, "...comforting lonely puppies."