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Naomi Turner (born 2139) was a pilot for G-Tech during the F9000 League. She is also known for her fierce dislike with Natasha Belmondo. Because of her aggressive personality, Tigron Enterprises have been interested in her and offered to her a mid-year shift to Tigron. Spectacularly, this was turned down.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Known for her personal dislike of Natasha Belmondo, Naomi Turner was racing for the junior division of the now defunct AG Systems racing team from the age of 7. College tutors desperately tried to stop her racing, and prescribed her a course of derolene designed to induce intense nausea when subjected to an anti-gravity field. However, Turner successfully sued the college, abandoned the medication and signed a long term contract with AG Systems, the team which was later acquired by G-Tech.