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Nami Mishima (Japanese: 三島 成実 Mishima Nami, born 2136) was a pilot for Van-Über during the F9000 League. She is one of the most popular pilots in the league and has commonly been compared to legendary F3600 pilot, Arial Tetsuo.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Hugely popular among young female race fans, Nami Mishima is often compared to the famous legend Arial Tetsuo. The press are desperate for her to succeed, and she will certainly take over as lead pilot when Songen Grey retires. However, Mishima's craft have frequently been sabotaged – she has suffered severed brake channels and a shattered balance generator. It would seem that someone is keen on ridding the sport of one of its most loved pilots.


  • Mishima is often considered the "spiritual successor" to Arial Tetsuo. They share the same nationality, have similar appearances, and are popular with younger fans.