Modesto Heights

Modesto Heights

Length4600 m
Variation211 m
Track MaterialAluminium

Modesto Heights is a race track located on the man-made Hawaiian island of Makana. It was first introduced in Wipeout Pure, and reappeared as part of the Wipeout HD Fury expansion pack.


Built further inland of Vineta K, Modesto Heights takes pilots through the slums and industrial belt of the city of Vineta. A more technical challenge than The K, pilots should prepare themselves for a lap that includes tight chicanes, banking turns, and a large jump on the straightaway.

Potential trouble spots include the weaving section through the industrial area, as smoke and debris from weapon fire, in combination with the pollution, can bring visibility dangerously low. Modesto Heights remains a challenge at every speed class, and is a good introduction to the more advanced aspects of AG racing.


Levitone StandEdit

Formerly known as the Modesto Stadia, the stadium serves as the start/finish line for the Modesto Heights track, built over the busy financial district of Vineta. An unusual incident during 2197 pre-season testing involved a heat-seeking missile and a "Phanktonne-Dog" stand. As such, "Fendoff-Sturm" 21 energy screens have been installed to the open coach stands.

Adams' DiveEdit

Actually known as Severin Descent, Adams' Dive is the nickname given to this section of track by AG fans. The name comes from Vineta K surfer Cory Adams, who fell off the overhead Earl Kobayashi Bridge (now the Sigam Span) whilst trying to climb it.

Scleradome Research HubEdit

Half the track winds its way through the concealed laboratories of Scleradome. It is connected to the sunlight from Adams' Dive to Kotas Brink.

Lucas SkywayEdit

After the pilots arise from the old city at Kotas Brink, they approach the banked right corner past the famous 'Rouge' Sector, Modesto's premier shopping district. Overhead is the Lucas Skyway linking both sides of the Sector whilst giving a great view over the action on circuit.

Sigam SpanEdit

(Formerly called the Earl Kobayashi Bridge, named after the inventor of non-diuretic coffee) This is commonly where the race is won or lost at Modesto Heights. After the right kink past the Modesto Mono-Terminal, the pilots have almost a kilometre to consolidate their position before the final corner and the finish line. If that wasn't hard enough, they've got to navigate Earl Gap, a straight jump that has been the scene of many disapointments and crashes. It's also a good test of the grav dampers.



  • Unlike in Wipeout Pure, the HD/Fury version is not heavily polluted and visibility is normal.