Location Japan
Length 4700 m
Variation Unknown
Track Material Unknown

Metropia is a race track located the futuristic business district of Kyoto, Japan. It was first introduced in Wipeout Pulse, and also appeared in Wipeout HD.


Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

The New Kyoto Assembly fully supports and sanctions the race at Metropia, where the 4.4 kilometre track efficiently guides contenders through the uppermost towers and convention centres of the reformed business quadrant.

Black RunEdit

Situated amongst the spires and landing platforms of the East Asian corporate heart, the 4.7 kilometre circuit of Metropia contains a vertigo-inducing glass section and a lethal descent into the underbelly of the city. Race with caution.

Wipeout HDEdit

The 4.7 kilometre Metropia circuit carefully picks its way between the skyscrapers that dominate the Kyoto skyline. Although a basic track, it's still a good track to race on with its glass-bottomed track surface and the huge mag-strip drop which is Gemini's Pin.


Gillton StadiumEdit

The main stadium on the pit stright, distinguishable by the "Metropia" signage at the entrance. It's also notable to be the only covered pit straight in the FX350/400 leagues.

Hallrun EstateEdit

The Hallrun Estate signifies the start of Metropia's glass-bottomed section, leading into Gemini's Pin. It's predicted that the Wipeout Museum is located within this vicinity.

Gemini's PinEdit

Gemini's Pin is the signature trademark of the Metropia circuit. After the uphill start (including the glass-surface section), the track take a straight drop into the bowels of the towering skyscrapers before darting upside-down and curving back to the right-way-up. In Wipeout Pulse, this is not accessible in White course.



  • In Wipeout HD, there is a weathered Tigron billboard in this track, right after Gemini's Pin.