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Location South China Sea
  1. 10.29 km
  2. 18.10 km
  3. 22.47 km
  1. 545 m
  2. 545 m
  3. 1710 m
Track Material Unknown

Mandrashee is a race track with three different variations, located within the South China Sea. The course first appeared in Wipeout Fusion before returning as part of the Classic League in Wipeout Pure, albeit in holographic form. In Wipeout Pure, the track is based on the short forward variant.


Mandrashee is often called 'The Elemental', a reference to the elements of earth, air, fire and water which are represented at various points along the circuit. Built between a chain of islands, the circuit crosses volcanoes, cliffs and beaches in addition to exhilarating undersea areas. Natasha Belmondo, Xios International's star pilot, has commented, "Ever since I was a little girl, I've been afraid of water. At Mandrashee, I almost freeze with fear as we drop beneath the ocean, then there's such a kick of adrenaline as I realise I'm in a confined space surrounded by sea that I seem to fly even better than anywhere else. It's incredible."



Short course[]

Mandrashee's short course is straight forward, with enemy weapon fire likely to be the most significant danger. A twisting straight section offers a good passing opportunity if combined with a turbo item.


Medium course[]

This track introduces the player to the trigger pad, acting as a switch to raise or lower a bridge featured early on in the track. It is a fairly technical course, quite twisty throughout its length.


Long course[]

The long course features early on a steep descent into the long underwater section that the Mandrashee venue is best known for. Between the underwater sections is a narrow 'trackless' area set within a cave. This is the quickest of the three tracks, with many speed pads arranged into clusters to provide significant speed boosts.


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