Kel Solaar (Russian: Кел Солаaр, 2012 - unknown) was a pilot for Qirex during the F3600 League. He is widely known to be one of the most successful pilots in AG racing history, winning more F3600 championships than all other pilots combined. This is not surprising when you consider he was an authority on high speed filght and advanced weapon systems. He is also known for his mysterious relationship with Auricom's second pilot Anastasia Cherovoski.

Solaar resided in his native Moscow, where he had converted a former metro system into his personal residence and workshops.


The oldest of all the F3600 pilots, Kel Solaar was born in 2012 and was 6 years old by the time anti-gravity technology was released to the public. He could remember seeing the press conference on TV, but.... Despite the prospects drawn by his imagination, he still preferred airplanes over hovercraft. As he grew up, Solaar followed the tumultuous path of anti-gravity development as he joined the Russian Air Force. Not only a skilled pilot, he now was a master of weapons and knew exactly how to effectively destroy the enemies.

By the time the scientists unveiled their prototype vehicle in the Nevada desert, Solaar was already 30 years old and, now that he had mastered the skies, ready for something new. He heard about Qirex in 2045 and quickly signed up as a test pilot. Solaar became the team's top pilot in little time, now holding the position as its lead pilot ahead of Arian Tetsuo.

He had a long and mysterious past with Auricom's Anastasia Cherovoski he tended to refuse to tell anyone about.