Katmoda 12

Katmoda12 1
Location Moon
  1. 11.49 km
  2. 16.90 km
  3. 21.55 km
  1. 119 m
  2. 328 m
  3. 1260 m
Track Material Unknown

Katmoda 12 is a race track, with three different variations located on the Moon. The course made its sole appearance in Wipeout Fusion and served as the final F9000 League venue.


Based on the moon, Katmoda 12 is a spectacular achievement of F9000 racing, and Pascale Rouser of Auricom has always loved the circuit: "I was stunned the first time we went there. Imagine stepping out and seeing that small civilisation spread out before you - the famous domes, the floating city, the alien remains. And beyond it and around it, Katmoda 12 snakes across our heavenly neighbour." Unfortunately, due to the high costs of lunar travel, few spectators make the journey, and crowds are made up of government officials, businessmen on hospitality weekends and pop celebrities such as Raisin Face or Git Boyz Thr3e.

The Katmoda 12 tracks uniquely feature gravity flip pads (GFPs). These flip ships 180° through the air to access further sections of track either above or below the GFP.


Katmoda12 1

Short CourseEdit

The short course introduces the player to Katmoda 12's unique gimmick, the gravity flip pad. It is one of the hardest short courses in the game, including a number of tight turns in the latter section, concluding with a very tight hairpin.

Katmoda12 2

Medium CourseEdit

Set partly within a man-made cavernous area, the medium course features a shortcut which bypasses a sequence of U-shaped corners, activated by passing over a trigger pad. There are a number of gravity flip pads on this track.

Katmoda12 3

Long CourseEdit

The highlight of the long course is a breathtaking vertical drop which is combined with large sets of turbo pads to create very high speeds. There is a trackless section early on over the lunar surface. It also includes the same tight corner and hairpin section as the short course.


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