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Location Makana
Length 4040 m
Variation 190 m
Track Material Unknown

Iridia is a race track located on the man-made Hawaiian island of Makana. It made its only appearance in Wipeout Pure as part of the Delta Packs.


Iridia is one of the fastest tracks of the Delta League, and is surprisingly wide in places. Lots of room to move also means little to hide behind, so most weapons coming your way are going to hit. Triakis and Tigron are ideal for this track, plenty of speed and you're more than likely to actually live through it. On Time Trial though, sit back and enjoy. There are a couple of sharp corners to keep your eyes open for though, but it is otherwise a very short track.


The track starts off in a straight. Two speed pads side by side are directly in front of you, take the one on the right. The first corner is a very wide left hairpin. You should see a speed pad near the outside of the corner. Ignore this, take the corner near the inside and you should come across another speed pad nearer the exit to the corner. Hit this one instead, the other one will make you lose a little time getting out to it. The track will now curl up to the right before hitting you with a pretty sharp left. Stay over to the right as you approach it and aim to swing your craft onto the speed pad in the mouth of the corner. Let up on the thrust a little as well to aid the turn. Stay over to the right to hit another speed pad going into a right curve. The track immediately curves back to the left and takes you over a jump. Stay near the center and barrel roll, landing on the two speed pads.

Up ahead is a quite fast left-right-left chicane. As you enter, tap the left airbrake and take it on the inside. Move over to the inside of the right apex to take the right. The second left is sloped in towards the left, so it can be taken a little easier and the slope will aid your exit. There is a speed pad dead center during the corner and another on the exit. Be careful as you exit, the sun glare is pretty distracting and there is one more slight right turn ahead. Boost over the line to complete the lap.



  • In the Japanese version, if the Coca-Cola 3 DLC pack is installed, trackside billboards will be branded "Coca-Cola".