Head to Head is a game mode that appears in most Wipeout games. In this game mode, you will compete against only one contender.


Head to Head is actually similar to single races, but there are some differences:

  • There are only two contenders, the player and the opponent.
  • Only the boost pads are available for use. Weapon pads can be enabled or not, depending on each game.

Since there is only one opponent, the objective is to finish the race before the opponent does. As well, try finishing the race with the farthest difference possible.

Wipeout 2097Edit

This game mode is known as One on One, with both boost pads and weapon pads enabled. This, however, requires the players to establish a link to play this mode.

Wipeout FusionEdit

Every time you complete two Leagues, the second pilot of a team will challenge you in a race at Devilia. This is the only way to unlock new teams in this game.

Every time you complete all five challenges for a team with gold medal in Super Weapon Licence Challenges, you will unlock the Gold Challenge for that team. The Gold Challenge is a one-lap Head to Head race without weapons against an opponent in a superior craft.

Wipeout PulseEdit

This game mode is available in both Race Campaign and Racebox. In this game mode, all weapon pads are disabled, so strategy is the key to win the race.

In Race Campaign, Head to Head cannot be accessed until you reach Grid 5.

Wipeout 2048Edit

Only two Campaign events are Head to Head, and both will be facing against the Pir-hana Speed. Unlike in previous game, the weapon pads are active, and always give you Missiles, making it possible to finish the race early by eliminating the Pir-hana.