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The Guardian is a ship featured in the SOCOM 3 secret pack downloadable from the North American website for Wipeout Pure.


Borrowing heavily from its secret military counterpart, SOCOM's Guardian is prepared to bring the fight to the track with the speed and precision special operations demands.


The SOCOM Guardian is an exclusive craft inspired by the "SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs" PlayStation 2 game, and it does share the chassis and running gear with the other SOCOM craft. Just like the Patriot, it is a very fast craft, but with average thruster capabilities, and this time, it trades in the Patriot's sharp handling for shielding, allowing for the craft to last pretty strong in long, violent races and put up a pretty good fight. Its handling would mean that a bit of airbrake mastery is recommended to get the most out of this craft. Overall, this craft is statistically similar to the Auricom, but with one more point to the thrust.