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G-Tech Systems were an Anti-Gravity racing team competing in the F9000 League. They were one of the three teams that made an appearence only in Wipeout Fusion.


For years, G-Tech Systems had been an industry leader in anti-gravity applications...At least that's how the company described itself. It had made a diverse range of products, such as the C-Float™ egg whisk, the Rotating Blade-O™ lawn mower, the Speedy Bambino!™ play buggy, and of course the Revver range of anti-gravity vehicles, including the Kuteface™ rovers. As stated in the numerous company statements, it appeared that G-Tech was very concerned about making money, especially because the company itself had been struggling in finances for the recent years. So it would make sense for the company to establish an Anti-Gravity racing team to promote its products. In order to do so, G-Tech took over AG Systems' failing racing division in 2155. Using a few of the latter's technologies, G-Tech converted some of its Revver craft into actual racing craft, so as to compete in the F9000 League.

Despite claiming to be experts in the use of anti-gravity technology in domestic applications, none of those products were designed to travel in excess of 800 kilometres per hour whilst shrugging off a barrage of weapon fire. Season after season, G-Tech slumped at the bottom of the ladder with their uncompetitive craft. As each unsuccessful season followed the one before, the parent company threatened to withdraw the team from the sport on more than one occasion, citing the countless billions it had ploughed into the team for very little return. Yet, each season, they would come back for more under Director of Operations Steve Simmit, and his mantra of "...if we don't win it this year, we'll do it next year, and if not then, we'll do it the year after..." became a much-parodied catchphrase often associated with a lost cause.

In an attempt to gain results on the track, G-Tech became one of the major accomplices in the racketeering that went on behind closed doors of league headquarters. This had proven fruitless though, as they still failed to get themselves out of last place in the teams' championship, much less secure a single championship title. Eventually, G-Tech found itself in massive legal trouble once its involvement in the corruption scandals came to surface in 2170. The company was shut down on the spot, and all of its assets (including the craft) were auctioned off in the aftermath.

Appearance, Evolution & Stats[]

G-Tech is one of the starting teams in the game, and is thus used mainly by beginners. As such, G-Tech has generally inferior statistics. It has higher top speed than the other starting teams, but is underwhelming in everything else, especially thrust and handling, even when compared to all other teams. Despite these peculiars, a few beginners use it for easier early success. Even then, they will switch to another team anyway.



  • It is likely that G-Tech was created to represent Good Technology (now known as VMLY&R London), the graphic designers for in-game branding and menus of Wipeout Fusion.
    • However, because they replaced a fan-favourite (AG Systems), used a livery scheme similar to another fan-favourite (Qirex), and their craft stats were sub-par compared to others in the game, G-Tech have since become a much-loathed team with Wipeout fans.
    • The fact that G-Tech was focused solely on monetary ideals could explain why they used a livery similar to Qirex, whose original form was also interested only in profit.


  1. The official Wipeout Fusion website lists G-Tech's country of origin as Japan, though it is only because G-Tech's AG racing team was actually acquired from AG Systems, itself based in Japan.