Fort Gale

Fortgale white

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Fort Gale is a race track located in Gibraltar. The track made its sole appearance in Wipeout Pulse.


Fort Gale is a stormy venue set alongside the Mediterranean Sea featuring prominent weather machines and long tunnel sections. The white and black runs differ slightly in their design with the black run incorporating a forked section in the long straight at the west side of the track. A fast track with a handful of tighter turns to be found either side of the home straight.

This track is arguably more enjoyable to race on Eliminator events, as the long and shallow roads make attacking really easy, and thus, weapons such as Mines and Bombs are almost impossible to avoid in these roads.

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

Windmills, waterfalls and low, wide tunnels are peppered throughout the rocky garrison of Fort Gale, perpetrating a jagged, saw-tooth feel that looms over the weapons-friendly straights of this 5.4k circuit.

Black RunEdit

The weather machines came to Gibraltar’s Fort Gale for the research, but they stayed for the race. Hiding themselves between the residential fins, they studiously watch over the five and a half clicks of this viper’s nest of a track.