Florion Height


Location Nevada, USA
  1. 9.63 km
  2. 17.95 km
  3. 17.91 km
  1. 650 m
  2. 770 m
  3. 1410 m
Track Material Unknown

Florion Height is a race track, with three different variations, located within the Nevada desert in the USA. The course made its sole appearance in Wipeout Fusion.


The US government is said to have increased income tax by around 7000 per cent in order to help finance the building of this circuit in the Nevada desert, and even then, its construction was dogged by tragedy. Dorian Nantucket was site foreman during the building phase, and he commented shortly after it opened, "Good friends died out there in Nevada, and we were building that circuit not knowing whether it'd ever work! People tell me they ran out of money a year before we were done, and I can believe it 'cause I've never been paid, but when I see them racing out there now, it makes my head spin with pride."



Short CourseEdit

The game's introductory course, Florion Height's short course is predictably straightforward. The track takes a left turn in the venue's large trackless desert section, followed by a long s-bend.


Medium CourseEdit

Tracks two and three make a right turn within the trackless section, with the medium course further splitting off following a long, segregated turn. This track includes a section in tunnel, where falling off a sheer cliff into a river of magma results in elimination.


Long CourseEdit

Florion Height's long course is mountainous and travels into the clouds. As a result, it features large height variance. A sequence of fan jumps further distinguishes this fast paced track from its neighbors.


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