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The FEISAR FX350/400 is a ship featured in Wipeout Pulse and Wipeout HD. An alternate version with improved speed appears in the Fury expansion pack.

Description (Wipeout Pulse)[]

The excellent handling of the European Consortium's FEISAR ship is betrayed somewhat by its lack of outright top speed, but this team are the real deal by anyone's standards.


For most of the time, FEISAR have always excelled in handling, and their FX350/400 craft is no exception. It is an excellent craft to learn in, as even at high speeds, airbraking is minimal and this will allow you to slowly get used to it rather than jump in the deep end. Coupled with its decent thrust and shield, it's absolutely made for the technical circuits. Its major downside, however, is that it is the slowest craft of them all, as there is little room for the top speed department, which the FEISAR craft always lack. This may not be particularly troublesome on the technical circuits, but it will become more of a handful to hold the lead in the open circuits.


The Fury upgrade has made the new FEISAR craft a considerable threat. It has received a much-needed speed boost and a small thrust upgrade, while maintaining its lightning reflexes.



  • In the Alpha Prototype version of Pulse, this ship shared its stats with the Goteki 45 FX350/400.
  • The HD variant is the cover ship of the Omega Collection, joined with the Qirex FX350 HD ship and the Auricom Agility vintage ship from the AGRC. In the original promotional artwork and the PS4 dynamic theme, it, along with the aforementioned Qirex ship, were joined by the AG Systems Fighter instead.