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From Wipeout Pure, Wipeout games have the option to acquire downloadable content from the PlayStation Store.

Wipeout Pure[]

Wipeout Pure was the first PSP title to support downloadable content, including extra vehicles, tracks, and artwork free of charge via the Internet. Packs of downloadable content were made available every month for six months.

There are three main packs available, in one form or another, in all regions: Gamma, Delta, and Classic. In addition, there are also a number of region-exclusive packs that are only available for a specific version.

Please note that the DLC packs for Wipeout Pure are not cross-compatible between regions. Japanese packs will not work in the US version and vice versa, and the same case also applies to European packs. However, it is now possible via unofficial means to convert DLC packs between different regions, but to do so, one has to utilize cwcheat with CFW or PPSSPP to disable signature checks.

Gamma Pack[]

The Gamma Pack was the first pack to be released. It was first released in Japan on 7 April 2005 as a three-pack monthly series. The US got the same packs as the Japanese version, but released a month later. The single combined pack was released in Europe on 1 September 2005.

This pack features four new tracks around Makana. Apart from their own tournament, these tracks also make up the all-new Descension Tournament, along with all eight standard tracks. Two teams from Wipeout Fusion, Tigron and Van-Über, make their reappearance as well. This pack also includes four HUD skins themed around four standard teams (FEISAR, Auricom, Qirex, and Piranha).

Name Release Date(s) Track(s) Craft(s) Skin(s)
Gamma 1 (JP/US) Gamma (EU) 7 April 2005 18 May 2005 1 September 2005 Staten Park Tigron Piranha
Gamma 2 (JP)
Gamma 3 (US)
13 May 2005 13 July 2005 Sebenco Peak Van-Über FEISAR
Gamma 3 (JP)
Gamma 2 (US)
17 June 2005 23 June 2005 Exostra Run N/A Qirex
Ubermall Auricom

Delta Pack[]

The Delta Packs were released as a two-pack release to Japan and the US, with a single European pack available two weeks after the Gamma Pack.

The four tracks in this pack are set in a central entertainment hub, nearby the Sinucit track. This pack also includes four HUD skins themed around four standard teams (AG Systems, Assegai, Triakis, and Harimau).

It is also noteworthy that this Pack was sponsored by German sporting goods company PUMA in the European release, which saw the four tracks included with the pack covered in PUMA advertisement, as well as exclusive contents, such as two PUMA-branded crafts and two PUMA-themed skins.

Name Release Date(s) Track(s) Craft(s) Skin(s)
Delta 1 (JP/US) Delta (EU) 28 July 2005 1 November 2005 16 September 2005 Anulpha Pass Puma 1 (EU)
Puma 2 (EU)
Iridia Harimau
Delta 2 (JP/US) 2 September 2005 1 December 2005 Koltiwa AG Systems
Khara Descent Triakis

Classic Pack[]

The Classic Packs are a multi-pack release following the Delta Pack, with four packs available for Japan, three for the US, and two for Europe (with the packs further spilt between content and music).

This pack expands on the four classic tracks that came with the game, based on one of the tracks from each of the previous games. Goteki 45 and Icaras return to complete the Wipeout 3 lineup. This pack also includes four HUD skins themed around four DLC teams (Tigron, Van-Über, Goteki 45, and Icaras).

This is also the only main pack to include music. Four soundtracks from the original Wipeout and Wipeout 2097, all by the series' legendary composer CoLD SToRAGE, are included with this pack.

Name Release Date Track(s) Craft(s) Skin(s) Music
Classic 1 (JP) 7 October 2005 Altima VII N/A Tigron CoLD SToRAGE - "Cairodrome"
CoLD SToRAGE - "Canada"
Classic 2 (JP) 21 October 2005 Odessa Keys Goteki 45 Goteki 45 N/A
Classic 3 (JP) 11 November 2005 Porto Kora N/A Van-Über CoLD SToRAGE - "Messij"
CoLD SToRAGE - "Operatique"
Classic 4 (JP) 10 December 2005 Vohl Square Icaras Icaras N/A
Classic 1 (US) 1 August 2005 Altima VII Goteki 45 Goteki 45 CoLD SToRAGE - "Cairodrome"
CoLD SToRAGE - "Canada"
Classic 2 (US) 31 August 2005 Odessa Keys
Porto Kora
N/A Tigron
Classic 3 (US) 3 October 2005 Vohl Square Icaras Icaras CoLD SToRAGE - "Messij"
CoLD SToRAGE - "Operatique"
Classic 1 (EU) 3 October 2005 Altima VII
Odessa Keys
Goteki 45 Tigron
Goteki 45
CoLD SToRAGE - "Cairodrome"
CoLD SToRAGE - "Canada"
Classic 2 (EU) 14 October 2005 Porto Kora
Vohl Square
Icaras Van-Über
CoLD SToRAGE - "Messij"
CoLD SToRAGE - "Operatique"

Other Packs[]

These packs are only available in specific areas, whether from promotions or unique packages.


  1. For the US Secret Packs, see here.
  2. The WIRE05 Pack was only available for one day at the WIRE05 Electronica Festival in Yokohama.
  3. The Coca-Cola Pack 4 also includes Coca-Cola liveries that will replace the original liveries for the eight standard crafts. You can still use the alternate liveries while the pack is installed, though.
  4. All contents of the Omega Packs were designed by Jon Burgerman, Mark James, Neil McFarland, and Scien, respectively.
  5. The Pure Urban Packs were available for a limited time in select European countries and add a fair amount of music, but when installed will also cause a crash on Gamma Pack's Exostra Run. This crash seems to have remained unfixed.
  6. The music included in the Exit 15 Pack was the winner of the "Wipeout Pure - DJ Competition with Transmit", hosted by Dublin radio station Spin 1038.


Name Release Date Track Craft Skin Music
WIRE05 16 July 2005 WIRE05 WIRE05 WIRE05 Takkyu Ishino - "Jingle WIRE05"
Continue 15 August 2005 N/A N/A Continue Magazine Akira Ishihara - "Breaking the Ice"
Akira Ishihara - "Open the P.A."
Coca-Cola 1 11 August 2005 N/A N/A Coca-Cola 1 N/A
Coca-Cola 2 25 August 2005 N/A N/A Coca-Cola 2 N/A
Coca-Cola 3 22 September 2005 Coca-Cola 1 N/A Coca-Cola 3 N/A
Coca-Cola 4 10 October 2005 N/A N/A Coca-Cola 4 N/A
Coca-Cola 5 27 October 2005 N/A Cokestyle N/A N/A
Coca-Cola 6 25 November 2005 Coca-Cola 2 N/A Coca-Cola 5 N/A


Name Release Date Track(s) Craft(s) Skin(s) Music
Omega Pack 1 1 November 2005 Burgertown
Cardcity Run
Paris Hair
N/A Burgertown
Neil McFarland
Omega Pack 2 1 November 2005 N/A Turboweevel
Oblivion N/A N/A N/A N/A Oblivion Records - "Disconnect"
Oblivion Records - "Reminiscence"
Oblivion Records - "Butterfly Effect"
A7 Music N/A N/A N/A N/A McQueen - "Leave Me Dead"
Inner Mantra - "How Can This be Fair"
Fightclub - "Bleed on Me"
Machines Wielding Weapons - "Flashback"
Voice of Cod N/A N/A N/A N/A Voice of Cod - "Bakelite Satellite"
Voice of Cod - "Bubbles of Nothing"
Pure Urban UK N/A N/A N/A N/A Sway - "Slo' Downn"
Ironik ft. Yazmin & Tinie Tempah - "Listen to the Vibe"
Bruza - "In the Endz"
Pure Urban France N/A N/A N/A N/A Dakrishna - "Bad Boy Racing"
Earsut - "The Bad Reputation"
Tarik 'N' Djamel - "Wanted Punk"
Pure Urban Germany N/A N/A N/A N/A Armin Treiber - "Just Jack"
Shipper - "Echoboard"
Resonator - "Loewen Hertz"
Pure Urban Italy N/A N/A N/A N/A Delroy ft. Micronauti - "Hard Rain"
DJ War ft. Lu Marra - "Jungle Style"
Ruma - "Plaiser"
Pure Urban Netherlands N/A N/A N/A N/A Big Ed - "Pak Uti"
Ijsman - "Ziel (Lazerus Remix)"
Miss Dee ft. Leo Tani - "Stop Foolin'"
Pure Urban Spain N/A N/A N/A N/A Deepologists ft. Katrina Marie - "Apocalyptic Motion"
Jordi Goberna - "Are You A Coconut"
Nabil Moratalla - "One Minute Theory"
Exit 15 N/A N/A N/A N/A Exit 15 - "Come Shot"
GamesRadar 26 September 2005 N/A N/A GamesRadar N/A
Sci-Fi 10 December 2005 Sci-Fi Track N/A Sci-Fi N/A

Wipeout Pulse[]

Wipeout Pulse, like its predecessor Wipeout Pure, also has downloadable content packs that include new ships, tracks and campaign grids. These packs are available to download for a fee from the PlayStation Store. However, these packs are only available in the European PlayStation Store.

For some reason, the Mirage Pack cannot be purchased or downloaded on a PS Vita, but it's possible to purchase and download the pack on a PS3 and transferring/installing the pack via USB to the PS Vita.

Each pack is named exactly after the team included with the pack.

Name Release Date Tracks Ship
Mirage Pack 7 February 2008 Edgewinter White
Vostok Reef Black
Icaras Pack 14 February 2008 Edgewinter Black
Gemini Dam White
Harimau Pack 21 February 2008 Gemini Dam Black
Orcus White
Auricom Pack 28 February 2008 Orcus Black
Vostok Reef White

Wipeout HD[]

Main article: Wipeout HD Fury

An expansion pack for Wipeout HD entitled Wipeout HD Fury was released on the PlayStation Store worldwide on 23 July 2009. The pack consists of eight new tracks, 13 new ship models, and three new game modes: Eliminator, Zone Battle, and Detonator. The add-on also includes a new 80-event campaign mode, a redesigned menu interface, 13 new Trophies, and six new music tracks.

Wipeout 2048[]

Main article: Wipeout HD

On 19 June 2012, Studio Liverpool released the one and only DLC for Wipeout 2048, the Wipeout HD/Fury DLC. It contains every content from the original Wipeout HD/Fury on the PlayStation 3, including ships, tracks, and Campaign events, to be playable for the Vita version with the same graphics as 2048. This DLC is meant to complete the collection of ships and tracks for the Cross Play mode. The DLC can either be bought separately (HD or Fury packs) or bundled together. However, as a Cross-Buy DLC, those who have already purchased the HD/Fury full game on the PS3 will receive both packs for the Vita or vice versa for free.

Wipeout Omega Collection[]

The game itself is a remaster of HD (including Fury) and 2048, and contains all previously released content, with the addition of the Tigron K-VSR.

The Van-Über team and ship was originally a digital pre-order bonus, but has since been included in the digital version of the game, and can also be a redeemable item through a code found in physical copies of the game.

A unique feature to those who pre-ordered the game is a standalone, digital art book that features concept art for the game.

Version 1.04 is a free update that adds "VR prototypes", in both HD and 2048 modes. As for HD ships, there are two VR prototypes, each representing a team's HD and Fury variant, and that for 2048 ships, the VR prototypes are built around all four ship types, Speed, Fighter, Agility and Prototype. These ships are exclusive to VR mode and requires a PlayStation VR headset.