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Modify the FEISAR LS-59 to 75% completion

Daniel Johnson (born 2136) was a pilot for FEISAR during the F9000 League. He was FEISAR's most expensive signing when he entered the F9000 in 2160 and was immediately promoted to the team's lead pilot, at the expense of previous lead pilot, Carlos Beneto. He is notable for raising FEISAR's status as a leading team during the league.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Daniel Johnson has only just moved up to F9000 racing – he is, far and away, FEISAR's most expensive signing. His arrival pushed long-time lead pilot Carlos Beneto into the team's second position. It's been speculated that Johnson has made no secret of his obsession with Natasha Belmondo of Xios International. As such, there is another suggestion that if the championship came down to a two-way race between them, Johnson would let Belmondo win. This would, of course, be considered a professional suicide.