Daniel Chang (2023 - 2056) was a pilot for AG Systems during the F3600 League. It is mentioned that Chang defected from China when he was still a test pilot in the Communist government's program. After that, he eventually became one of AG Systems' pilots by registering himself to that team. He is also notable for becoming the first fatality in AG racing history.


Daniel Chang was born at the very beginning of the anti-gravity age, just as the tax on fossil fuels was increased to deter experimentation with the technology. Raised in Communist China, Chang became part of a top-secret organization that had managed to steal some of anti-gravity technologies from neighboring Japan to begin work on its own vehicles. Not interested in racing, China was building a new air force armada and needed test pilots. Due to the country's lack of research or even expertise, many test pilots died during flights. But Daniel Chang always managed to come back alive, usually after pulling off some fantastic maneuvers. As the armada grew and anti-gravity racing became more of a possibility, Chang became reluctant to fight for his own country. He quickly fled China for good... until he made it to Japan. He tracked down AG Systems in the late 2040s and, after exhibiting his skills, was taken on as a test pilot.

Accident and DeathEdit

Daniel Chang became the first casualty of AG racing in 2056. The F3600 League was suspended for two years until improved safety regulations were implemented.