Cubiss Float

Location Switzerland
  1. 14.10 km
  2. 21.81 km
  3. 28.09 km
  1. 825 m
  2. 525 m
  3. 1975 m
Track Material Unknown

Cubiss Float is a race track, with three different variations, located within an alpine region of Switzerland. The course made its sole appearance in Wipeout Fusion.


As one of the Earth's few remaining ice zones, the Cubiss Float alpine region is subject to rigorous environmental protection. Vast atmospheric chilling tanks are embedded deep within the mountains and a United Nations Weather Watch station is always ready to reverse any increase in the average temperature. Run on a non-profit basis by the Swiss Committee for Peaceful Sporting Activity, the circuit is often threatened by terrorist groups and as Paul Burckhardt, Governor of Geneva, puts it, "It is unfortunate that we have to use the most powerful anti-trespass mines ever made, as they are very unstable and tend to blow up unwary goat farmers. Just one of those things I guess."



Short CourseEdit

Pretty straight forward, the short course gives you a good taste of the narrow, tight, blizzard-ravished track which is Cubiss Float.


Medium CourseEdit

This course is especially infamous because of two main sections. One is an open section in an ice cave that darts up and down through smaller tunnels, and the pitch darkness makes it very difficult to navigate though. Another section is a split track halfway around. When racing the reverse track it is vital you go on the left hand branch as it gives you a great advantage.


Long CourseEdit

This course deviates away from the Weather Watch facility and takes the pilots on a roller-coaster ride through the Swiss Alps. Care must be taken in the open section near the end of the track where one end is littered with pine trees. Avoid going straight through if you can.


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