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The Cokestyle is a ship featured in the Coca-Cola Pack 5 (JP) for Wipeout Pure.


Special designed Coca-Cola Craft! Enjoy your Coke Style in its design and sound!


The Cokestyle craft is uniquely styled after the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, making it very aerodynamic. But judging by its stats, it is not the best overall performer, with the top speed similar to the FEISAR, but with a weaker thrust and a mediocre handling. To make up for this, it has a pretty respectable shielding to keep it going. Even then, it will require an experienced pilot to control and master this monster of a craft, so as to be able to win a race despite such a lackluster speed.


  • This ship has no visible airbrakes, despite the fact that it has airbrake functions like every other ship.
  • When the player uses this ship in a race, the eight base game ships (FEISAR, Auricom, Qirex, AG-Systems, Piranha, Assegai, Triakis and Harimau) will use Coca-Cola liveries in place of their default liveries. These liveries can be acquired by downloading Coca-Cola Pack 4.