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Capital Reach is a race track located in Nova State City. It only appears in Wipeout 2048.


Capital Reach features an old bridge that is still surprisingly standing for 165 years, but with some windmills on the top and trainlines. At first you race on the bridge, then you race under the bridge after the loops, then back up again.

Skillcut Locations[]

  • The bridge has several skillcuts by shooting right. 
  • Nearby one corner before the 270 degree corner is a small route that allows you to cut the corner.



  • The bridge in this track has a striking resemblance to the Brooklyn Bridge.
    • The fact that the "old bridge" in this track has been "standing for 165 years" is an obvious reference to the Brooklyn Bridge itself, as the bridge was completed in 1883, while the game is set in 2048.
  • Some sections of the track are located in the same zones that Rockway Stadium and Downtown.