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Auricom Prototype
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Ship Type



  • Able to withstand any weapons so it will not slow down when hit
  • Unable to pick any Defensive Weapons and only discards weapons rather than absorbing
  • Able to heal itself overtime

How to Unlock

Reach Rank 20 and get at least PASS on the Downtown Combat Prototype Challenge

The Auricom Prototype is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048.


This ship's anti-gravity engines are able to maintain its racing line no matter what hits it. It is utterly immovable, and cannot be slowed down by other ships or weapons. However, all this extra power requires a wider than standard chassis, which will have an unknown effect on handling. The ship also sacrifices the ability to pick up any defensive weapons.


Besides being extremely tough, the Auricom Prototype is also popular among the expert players in Combat mode as this ship will never, ever disrupt the path on your way to Weapon Pads. Since the online version does not allow players to absorb weapons, the shield regeneration system installed on this ship will now help you out by refilling its health while you're busy fighting. But this also means you cannot absorb weapons to restore health. Be careful though, this ship totally runs like a tank, so be cautious on using Combat Spins!


  • The Auricom Prototype is the only dual-hulled ship in the game, as well as the first one in the history of Anti-Gravity Racing.
  • Although this design was first made for the special Anti-Gravity engines, other dual-hulled ships of the series haven't got the advantage of these, which is very odd since it could be its only advantage, and given the fact that this is an experimental concept craft.
    • It may be possible that future dual-hulled ships from not only Auricom, but also other teams that use it, have been standardized without these features.
  • The firepower of the ship is somewhat similar to the original Auricom Fighter.
  • The ship is actually as durable as the AG Systems Agility and the Qirex Speed, whenever it takes damage from weapons. That it is believed to be tough is mainly because of its regenerating shield energy, as well as the fact that it maintains its inertia even when hit by weapons or other ships.