Arian Tetsuo (Japanese: 哲男 アリアン Tetsuo Arian, 2030 - unknown) was a pilot for Qirex during the F3600 League. She also had a fierce rivalry with her twin sister, Arial Tetsuo of Auricom.

Early LifeEdit

Arial and Arian were born in a suburb of Tokyo in 2030, with Arial the eldest by a few minutes.

The twins were mainly raised by their mother as their father was forced to work for more than 20 hours a day. As such, the time spent with the twins was strictly rationed, where the twins would keep track how much time spent with their father. Although there's no evidence claiming time was shared out less equally, Arian believed Arial was the favored twin.

The twins have never much cared for each other. Bitter rivals don't begin to explain the sisters' hatred, their childhood acting as one long household fight. When Arial got an A, Arian got an A+. When Arian was the first to have a boyfriend, Arial was the first to have a.... Well, we'll leave that one.

The twins were only 5 when the scientists debuted their anti-gravity vehicle in the Nevada desert, Arial and Arian had something in common for once. They were both intrigued by anti-gravity technology and desired involvement with it.

AG Racing CareerEdit

Arian was noticed by Qirex scouts whilst street racing in Tokyo backstreets, who later invited her to Moscow to train her with Qirex's all-terrain simulator. She made her first appearance in AG racing as a test pilot during the Anti-Gravity Racing Championships in 2048, at the young age of 18.

Arian had a more aggressive piloting style in comparison with her sister's graceful style. Although this was necessary for piloting Qirex's heavy craft, it also reflected the bitterness she had for her sister. This spilled out even off the track as well. In one incident, Arian tried to punch Arial after a race, but Arial avoided it and Arian broke a few of her fingers after she hit a brick wall.

Alleged Involvement in Arial's AssassinationEdit

Arian is also known to have at times tried to undermine Arial's political campaign. As such, many people alleged that Arian had been involved in the plot to assassinate Arial, although this is still a subject to dispute. One claimed that Arian hired an assassin of some sort to kill Arial. Another claimed that Arian took matters with her own hand to kill her much-loathed twin sister.