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Anulpha Pass

Anulpha Pass.png

Location Makana
Length 5097 m
Variation 170 m
Track Material Unknown

Anulpha Pass is a race track located on the man-made Hawaiian island of Makana. It was first introduced in Wipeout Pure as a downloadable track, and reappeared in Wipeout HD as a stock track.


Just over 5 kilometres long, Anulpha Pass is located in a custom-built entertainment arena on the east side of Makana Island (near the Sinucit track). It looks deceptively simple from above, but the undulations of the track surface and narrow skill-cut are enough to keep any racer on their toes.


Start Grid 10[]

Start Grid 10 is the main starting grid for Anulpha Pass. In Wipeout Pure, it shares a generic design along with the other tracks in the Delta League. The straight had a revamp in Wipeout HD, emphisising its location near the entertainment hub of Sinucit.

Goteki Stadium[]

Although appearing to be a simple straight, this section is quite a crafty piece of track, so named because of the Goteki 45 advertisements that adorn this section in Wipeout HD. This part features several small crests leading into a tunnel section which makes up the back part of the circuit. A sharp crest leading into the tunnel is a good barrel roll opportunity, otherwise the abundance of speed ad weapon pads makes this a good gamechanger section.

Greenline Split[]

A hallmark of the Anulpha Pass track, this is where the track's main skillcut is located. Veer right when approaching this jump coming out of the preceding left hairpin and you will find yourself on a thin, straight piece of track leading though the AG Stadium, with several speed pads and a weapon pad at the end. If used correctly, it's significantly faster than the normal route. (NOTE: This skillcut is inaccessable in the reverse verison).