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Anastasia Cherovoski was a pilot for Auricom during the F3600 League. Not much is known about her, although some details about her might be known by Qirex lead pilot Kel Solaar.

Known Information[]

The details stated here are official information acquired by the F3600 Commission:

  • Second pilot of Auricom
  • Never won a F3600 pilot's championship (prior to 2059)
  • Romantically involved with Kel Solaar, lead pilot for Qirex
  • Lives on an isolated and heavily guarded estate on the edge of Siberia, which she calls 'Dead Field'

Relation with Kel Solaar[]

Cherovoski had a strange relationship with Kel Solaar of the Qirex team, one of the few people alive who knew her true past and identity. He seemed to be loyal to Cherovoski, though, and had yet to reveal her past to anyone. However, he might be using this knowledge very well to blackmail her.

Speculative Rumours[]

Because of the lack of information regarding Cherovoski, there had been many rumours spread by the media, some of which were entirely fabircated. Despite this, Cherovoski was equally unwilling to deny any of these fabricated rumours.

Some particular rumours arose from Cherovoski's relationship with Solaar. One rumour claimed this was a public relations stunt to increase the popularity revenue of the F3600 Commission. Another claimed that there was no romantic innuendo between them, and that Cherovoski was a spy for Qirex.