Alca Vexus

Location Mexico
  1. 12.10 km
  2. 23.82 km
  3. 23.77 km
  1. 331 m
  2. 400 m
  3. 448 m
Track Material Unknown

Alca Vexus is a race track, with three variations located within a Mexican jungle. The course made its sole appearance in Wipeout Fusion.


The jungle landscape surrounding Alca Vexus gives a stunning backdrop to this much-loved circuit, a particular favourite of Wolfgang Van-Über, owner of Van-Über Racing Development. As he says, "Perhaps it is the heady aroma of lush vegetation and exotic fruits that excites me. Perhaps it is the presence of Mayan temples, or the circuit's intriguing ballet through the trees. All I know is that when I pass through the passenger terminal at the Alca Vexus International Travel Port and browse the toiletry section of the duty-free store, I feel an irresistible frisson of excitement, and I know I am close to a primitive and vital ancient culture."



Short CourseEdit

This track, like the other courses, likes to throw you around undulating crests and blind corners. It also takes you through 2 open sections - the first you have to avoid a large boulder whereas the second is more flat but obstructed by two giant pillars.


Medium CourseEdit

This course bring you through the ruins of the Mayan civilization, passing by various Mayan temples; even going in one! Be careful here as there are two routes to take, with a pressure pad dictating which door is open. The race always starts with the right door open, so aim here first.


Long CourseEdit

This course winds its way along the canyon of Alca Vexus and has many unique features such as a vertical wallride behind a waterfall and 50m drop from another fall.


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